With female-founded start-ups often receiving unequal financial support, we are here to make a difference. Shockingly, only 2% of venture capital funding in the US went to female founders in 2021, while women in Australia secured just 4% of start-up funding in the past four years. 

Beyond the stats is the lived experience of our founders Anna and Kieran Lahey. Without the financial support provided from her partnership with Kieran, Anna may not have seen her ingestible beauty brainchild, Vida Glow, come to market. 

At our beauty group, we are dedicated to changing this narrative. With our comprehensive infrastructure, funding opportunities, resources, and brand building expertise, we empower female entrepreneurs to accelerate their ideas. 


From the people who brought you
Vida Glow

Founded by Anna Lahey in 2014, Vida Glow is a leading global ingestible beauty brand targeting modern beauty concerns with science-backed solutions. Vida Glow put ingestible beauty on the map, transcending its humble start-up beginnings in an unestablished category.  Vida Glow has achieved an annual revenue of $100M AUD and sells 1 unit every 4 seconds.

Vida Glow's product success has been built on its clinically effective, hero Natural Marine Collagen range. The brand is now the global #1 marine collagen brand, with one unit of Natural Marine Collagen selling every four seconds. Ranged in leading global retailers including Sephora, Selfridges, Harrods, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus, amongst many more.


We seek celebrities, creators, industry professionals and entrepreneurs to develop and fast-track beauty brands launching with impact and market penetration.

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